Coming into the home stretch for rank advancement

As we approach our May Board of Review and Court of Honor, scouts should work with their patrol leaders and the scoutmasters to ensure that the requirements for rank advancement are met, and that plans are in place to complete any open items.

The rank requirements can be found in the Boy Scout Handbook:

  • Tenderfoot requirements are on pages 432-433
  • Second Class requirements are on pages 434-435
  • First Class requirements are on pages 436-437
  • Star Scout requirements are on page 438
  • Life Scout requirements are on page 439
  • Eagle Scout requirements are on pages 440-441

The requirements can also be found on the website.

For scouts who are working on advancement to First Class, we are trying out a Google Form that can be used to identify the requirements that you’ve completed and the requirements you need to complete.

Your responses from the form will be shared with the patrol leaders and scoutmasters to help plan activities at this weekend’s Starved Rock campout, and to plan additional activities in the coming weeks.

Any feedback on the form would be appreciated, and can be sent to