About Us


Winnetka’s Scout Troop 18 is one of the oldest and most respected troops in the country, with an excellent program known for producing many Eagle Scouts and fine young men.  We were founded in 1911 as Troop #1 at the Winnetka Community House.  As the National Scout Organization grew in those early days, every community had its “Troop 1.”  To avoid confusion, local planners developed a numbering system that began in Wilmette and ended in Glencoe and assigned us the new number “18.”  In the late 1940s we moved into the excellent Scout Room generously provided by our present sponsor, Christ Church.

Who We Are Today

Over the years, Troop 18 has been known as one of the finest troops in the area.  Today, we are perfectly sized for the kind of program we run.  Because of the strength and quality of our organization, we can boast of an outstanding record of experience, achievement, and personal growth for our boys as they move through the Scout ranks and develop important life skills.

Being a Boy Scout

Scouting has always offered something that no other youth program provides: a Code to live by, the means through outdoor activities to learn and practice lifelong skills, the right time in a boy’s life to do this, a chance for a boy to demonstrate real leadership, and the rewards of an appreciative and supportive society.